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Random Thought for Friday, August 26th, 2016: Don’t Lie to an IT Person

IMG_20140505_085058Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

Many of my fellows in IT have been in this situation before.  They get a call from a user reporting an issue.  They explain what is happening and we invariably ask the question, “When was the last time you rebooted the computer?”

Now I know this annoys people to no end when we ask this question. It annoys a lot of people as their computers can take a long time to start up and that’s a hassle.

Believe me, IT people know how long your computer takes to start up.  We know and we will still ask you to reboot.

This is why in an enterprise environment, and now at home as well, you should reboot your computer at least once a week. You see, in the background, the software on your computer is being updated. Whether the tools are Windows Update, SCCM, batch files or scripts that run checks, your computer is constantly being updated.  These updates include things like security patches, improvements for various applications, etc.

Many times, those updates can’t complete their installations until the computer is powered off and back on.  This is usually due to a file that needs to be updated is in use and can only be updated during a boot up.

So, to ensure that you are not subjected to a bludgeoning from an angry IT person wielding a “clue by four”, please do the following before you call any help desk.

  • Follow the correct process for powering your computer off and then power it back on.
  • Do not log out of the computer, actually power it off.  Logging out is not rebooting the computer, it’s only rebooting your session.
  • Power the computer off, count to 5 and then power it back on.

This one thing alone will resolve most issues.

One more thing.  Don’t lie about rebooting.

Yes, we can tell very quickly if you rebooted or if the system up time clock shows the last power on was 19 days ago.

Seriously, don’t lie to us, I am getting tired of helping my colleagues hide the bodies.


Random Thought for Friday, August 19th, 2016: Unicorns and Happiness

20140628_142947Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

Yup, I’m going there. Unicorns, such magical beasts.  A beautiful horse with a horn upon its head. A beautiful horn that can impale all things evil and dispatch them from this world…with sparkles!

You see, so much magic is missing from our world today.  Children see it but as we grow older, we lose that ability to see things clearly.  We need more magic in the world. I am convinced that it is a key to true happiness.

So, this morning, while engaging in my daily ritual of pain known as the “Greater Atlanta Traffic Experience”, I had a moment of inspiration. You see, I had this guy tailgating me.  It’s not my fault, my car is only capable of attaining  velocities that are relative to a wheeled vehicle.  The guy behind me, he can move at light speed and anyone who is not able to do the same is subject to his attentions.

At some point, this man was able to navigate around me and the many other cars on the highway. He actually allowed his light speediness to slow down and he flicked me the bird.  You know, the middle finger, an expression of anger…or so I thought.  Again I was reminded of the lack of magic in our world…so…I decided that he was not flicking me off.

Nope, he didn’t give me the finger, it was a magical symbol of love.  He was showing me a “Unicorn Bro Fist”. That being so, I was more than happy to return his respectful love and I extended my own Unicorn Bro Fist…with a smile on my face.

Needless to say, he was shocked by my understanding of his intentions.  He was so shocked his car began to drift away into the next lane.  That driver, unaware of our moment of brotherly respect honked her horn.  This driver, the shared of Unicorn Bro Fists again shared this magical moment with this other car.

This other car that he almost ran into, that driver was most impressed with the Unicorn Bro Fist.  Impressed to the point of sharing with us all those lovely, swirling, flashing blue lights of blueness.  That driver, that Georgia State Trooper pulled over to the side of the road with the speedy man of Unicorn Bro Fists.

I guess that cop wanted to share her thoughts on how magical a morning can truly be.


Random Thought for Friday, August 12th, 2016: Break

20141231_101204Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

I don’t have much to say this week as I did what I really needed to do.  I took a break from some things including writing.  It’s been a busy summer and something I’ve always not done is take breaks from things like blogging, writing, etc.

So next week, I should have something better to read.  I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer and to all of those people who has returned to their work/school related frays.


Random Thought for Friday, August 5th, 2016: I Need a Break

20141231_101204Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

It’s been one of those weeks that IT techies dread.  No, I’m not going into details about work. I don’t like to break my rule about talking about work.

Ugh, I need a break, I really do.

In other news…”Man with hammer creates new art form of shattered electronics.  Apparently it’s a hit.”


Random Thought for Friday, July 29th, 2016: Punchline

IMG_20140505_085058Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

An Ingress and Pokemon Go player cross paths….BAM!  They collide with each other.


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