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Month: April 2017

Random Thought for Friday, April 28th, 2017: Writing Prompts in Traffic

Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

There are those moments that just make me wonder where in the hell my conscious brain goes when I am sitting stopped in traffic. The other morning while contemplating a writing exercise prompt, my brain came up with the following:

Lord Pilly MacKell and Lady Sara MacKell arrived at their son’s, Lord William MacKell, home late that afternoon. Lord William’s crops did not fair well last year and he implored for assistance from his parents.

They were renowned for their agricultural skills or so it was thought. There were those who suspected there was some darker secret afoot.

Lady MacKell was sat down heavily at the table that had been laid out in their honor. Lord MacKell deftly handed his traveling cloak to his trusted footman Bairnes and took up a cup of wine before taking his seat.

“So my love, how do you suggest we assist our son with his farming problem?”

Lady MacKell responds, “I am unsure my lord, I can not think for I am weary from our travels. You will excuse me, I shall retire to rest for a short while.”

Lady MacKell quickly climbs the stairs and heads for their customary chambers.

“Quite right my lady, a respite would be most welcome.”

Lord MacKell slowly stands up and slowly walks to the stairs, weary from the ordeal of travel. He shouts upwardly as he walks, “So my lady, I must inquire as it is of the most importance. Do you think we should dress for the work in the fields?”

Lady MacKell responds, “I should think that to be wise. As a point of fact to your inquiry, I have already begun the process.”

Lord MacKell is intrigued, “And my lady, to which point have you begun?”

Lady MacKell responds playfully, “Well…I have begun to disrobe.”

Lord Mackell’s walk quickens slighty, “I see…son, as we begin this endeavor, one must always dress appropriately for the occasion…os possibly undress as it were. My lady? May I ask of you your thoughts about the seeds?”

Lady MacKell responds, “My lord, you shall have to locate a vessel in which to contain the seeds.  If I remember, there is a bucket resting on the stairs.”

Lord MacKell has climbed the stairs to the point of seeing the bucket and picks it up, “I see my lady.  What a wonderful thought!”

Lady MacKell inquires, “Should the bucket be useful for the task or should I make arrangements to carry the seed myself?”

Lord MacKell eyes the bucket and frowns, “My lady, I should think it is insufficient for the task.”

Lady MacKell shouts louder from further in the chambers, “Why is that my lord?”

Lord MacKell grins slyly, “It pales in comparison to my lady, I should think you would carry the seed far better!”

Lord MacKell quckens his steps and arrives at the top of the stairs, “My lady, what of moisture? Should we arrange for water as such?”

Lady MacKell responds with sultry tones, “No my lord, there is more than sufficient moisture presently!”

Lord William looks toward the MacKell footman Bairnes with an awkward expression in his eyes.  Bairnes looks back at Lord William, shrugs and places Lord MacKell’s cloak down onto the table.

Lord MacKell continues his walk towards the chambers in earnest but stops suddenly, “My lady, I have a pressing question concerning our endeavor. As we being to sow the seed, should we sow wheat or barley?”

Lady MacKell giggles, “Why not both my lord?”

Lord MacKell runs to the door of the chambers, “My Lady, I knew there was a reason I loved you!”

Lord MacKell stops in his tracks as he arrives at the door, tilts his head to one side and gasps, “My lady! A cathedral! How thoughtful of you!”

Lady MacKell’s voice seductively flows aloud, “Pleasing to the eye, my lord?”

Lord MacKell rubs his hands together, “Oh my lady, most pleasing indeed.  Those buttresses, most impressive!”

Lady MacKell giggles again, “And the peaks and arches?”

Lord MacKell walks into the room, “I shall attend to them presently!”

He closes the door muttering, “Wheat and barley, wheat and barley, soil and toil, work, work, work…”

From behind the door the giggles, laughter and sounds of love-making progresses loudly.

Footman Bairnes looks around and everyone who was in the hall heads for the exits to escape the noise.  Barines addresses Lord William, “My lord? Now you know there secret to excellant success with regards to their crops.”

Lord William shakes his head and motions for the footman to follow him, “Yes, yes, I do.  No one wants to stay around and watch that sort of scene again!”


Random Thought for Friday, April 21, 2017: Every Day is an Earth Day

Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

April 22nd is Earth Day.  It’s  celabration of our home, our world. It is a time for people to come together and do good things for our planet, to take care of our world.

It drives me nuts.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I think that polluting our lands and seas is a crime. I just don’t see the point of all these “this is <insert word> day” days. If something is important, do it all the time.  Like New Year’s resolutions, it is pointless.

Celebrate the Earth all the time, every day. Don’t throw trash on the ground, process it. Recycle, don’t pollute. Treat people the way you want to be treated, don’t be a jerk, merge in traffic, use your blinker, don’t start a fire that leads to an interstate highway to collapse.

It’s simple. Be a human being, not an a selfish jerk.



Random Thought for Friday, April 7th, 2017: Life Goes On…

Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you may have learned that my mother passed away after a fight with cancer. I know I am biased but my mom was the best.  She was smart, witty and kind.  I miss her terribly.

She didn’t want a lot of fuss when she passed, she just wanted people to get on with their lives and stay happy.  So, I’m doing what I can to stay happy and of course, that means letting my mind wander through things here and there.

So, into what has my mind wandered this week? Food induced trust issues. You see, here in the USA, the snack food market has always been busy coming up with new and amazing ways to take flavors we all know and love and twist them into things that a sane mind would never consider let alone willingly accept.

Oreo cookies with a chocolate-strawberry flavored crème filling, that I can accept…with a tall glass of milk. They are quite yummy!

Chicken Tika flavored corn chips?

While they do taste amazing one has to admit the reality, it’s a corn chip.  It should taste like corn, not Tandoori spiced chicken.  Chicken already tastes like everything else, we don’t need corn chips to taste like chicken.

This leads to confusion as chicken tastes like corn now.  That means that everything will follow to taste like corn and chicken will lose its identify as the ‘tastes like everything’ food. The chaos that will ensure will lead to the end of the world!

…or to me eating a lot more corn chips.


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