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About Me

Who am I?

Aside from the obvious plate of philosophical linguine that sits inside my head, this is always a question that bugs me as the answer is never simple…or it is rather simple and I just don’t like that the answer is uncomplicated.

Yeah…I’m a bit of a mess but I like it that way.

I am a husband, father, computer techie at my day job, hiker, photographer and addict of stories. I love a good story be it a short story, book, movie, play or a humorous musing told by a friend. I love reading good stories and as it would follow I like to write them too.

So to the questions that people may ask.

Just some formal stuff here.

  • All content, including text and photographs, header images, graphics in posts are copyrighted J. Riley Castine unless otherwise notated.
  • All content may NOT be used without my prior written consent.
  • If you wish to share my work on a social network, consent is herby given as long as you credit the original source.