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Nine Years Ago

DSCN2028-EditNine years ago, on May 26th 2007, two people took the next step in their journey together.

They both rode into the square on separate carriages; harp music filled the air. They walked up to meet each other before family and friends.

Words were spoken. Nervousness drifted aside as they kissed and from that moment on, life became more that just days passing. We became the story that fills my soul each and every day. On that day, our family began.

Through the ups and downs that followed, the laughter, the tears of joy and of pain, I have been blessed with the one person who completes me.

And when I thought that we had achieved the greatest happiness that one could hope to find, our son Logan was born and I learned that joy is indeed truly limitless. You showed me that life can always be beautiful and wonderous.

Marie, you are such a wonderful, patient, loving and caring person. I love you with all my heart.

Happy Anniversary!

Love Riley

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