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Random Thought for Friday, March 17th, 2017: Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

For many of you who will be out celebrating with lots of drink this weekend, this photo of some of my home baked-bread will be the closest thing to solid food you will encounter.


Random Thought for Friday, March 10th, 2017: Miss You George

Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

I’ve been listening to a few old George Carlin concerts during my morning commute and I have to say, I really miss the man. Oh the commentary that he could be sharing with us right about now.

Then again, he made a lot of predictions that have come true in the past year.

Dear George, I know that you are down there screaming up at us…we miss you.



Random Thought for Friday, March 3rd, 2017: Of Pollen and Traffic

Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

It is March already? Wow…where have the past two months gone here? I mean before we know it, here in the USA we will come to the Daylight savings time clock change. Yup, that’d on March 12th if I sm not mistaken.

So this week has been sprinkled with a lot of close calls when commuting to and from work. The Atlanta area is infamous for the traffic and with tree pollen ramping up for a slightly early spring, peril is a word that comes up in conversation.

Of course, such peril can only come from one place, antihistamines. Listen up people. If you take an antihistamine, you ARE impaired. It’s not a what if or maybe.

You are impaired. slow down, take more time to look before you changes lanes and for crying out loud, hang up your phone!


Random Thought for Friday, February 24th, 2017: Technology Fun

Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

It’s been a long time since I’ve picked up a brand spanking new piece of computer gear. I do troll the electronics recycling bins at the office park where I work. There are times I find a gem or two in there and I make use of those discoveries.

This time however,  I actually spent some money and bought something brand new. Yep,  went out onto the bleeding edge here. I bought the Android version of the Lenovo Yoga Book and 2 in 1 tablet.

I have been looking for a way to lighten my EDC bag for a while now and replace my laptop.  This may be the option I have been looking for and a recent sale made this much more affordable for me. I have new tech I am using in place of my laptop.

What I am getting used to is the unique keyboard of this thing.  It’s a lot like typing on my old generation one iPad screen. If you are a die-hard touch typist like me it,  feels very strange but I am getting used to it.

Anyway,  that’s all I really have for this week.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Random Thought for Friday, February 17th, 2017: Reality TV show “The United States: UNHINGED!” RENEWED for Another Season

Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.


Yeah…whether we want to admit it or not, MSM or main stream media, has become this new, cross network television series. Daily we can watch all this fun stuff with perspectives like, ‘this has never happened before’ or ‘here’s something that obviously has been going on for decades but you should outrage about it now…and forget that it has been happening for decades because we are not fake news’.

The sheer number of ‘news’ stories being done on main stream media to ‘help us understand the truth’ about where fake news comes from makes one understand that MSM is fake news and has been for decades. The blatant damage control is insulting to the public’s collective intelligence.

I want no part in this farce anymore. I just refuse to visit MSM websites and/or watch their channels on TV anymore.

So, if you are abandoning main stream media, how do you get the news that’s important to you? I’m figuring that one out but for now I will just do things the old fashion way, with my brain.

Want the weather report? Step outside and see if a cool weather or rain weather coat is in need.  Need more information? Turn your car radio to the AM radio band and tune to the static between the radio stations.  Hear some scrambling pops in the static, that’s a lightning discharge in the area, go back inside the house and get an umbrella. Hear a lot of those same pops, expect a strong to severe thunderstorm and be ready for high winds and possible tornadoes.

Need a traffic report? Here’s a truth for you.  It’s backed up where it’s usually backed up. We all know this and yet many of us are surprised at encountering others during our daily commute. Pro tip here, later today, it will all head in the opposite direction as people head home and yes, you will see congestion.

Main stream media is going the way of the fax machine and postal mail for receiving and paying bills for many people. At least the postal service is useful for things like that delivery of potential packing materials for shipping.

You know, all those circular flyers for stores that you never clip the coupons out from or those ads for furnace cleaning and what not.  That stuff makes create packing material if you need to ship something.  Better yet, collect it and take it to the local recycling center and chat up others that there at the center. Catch up on the local gossip. You’ll find out more about local events than you ever thought possible.

Still find yourself needing some news? Read that local free paper that gets tossed at the end of your driveway each week.  You can find a lot of useful stuff in there and unlike MSM, they are not trying to be first with a ‘news’ story or using click bait to fund their operations.

Put that DVR you have at home to good use and record CSPAN.  Yup, that’s what I said, record CSPAN.  It’s mostly commercial free and you can hear all the fun stuff direct from the politicians mouths. No opinion panel tell you ‘the truth’ about what you just saw. While you are at it, record the NASA channel too and for some more variety, a kids channel with lots of cartoons.

Yes, cartoons.  You are never too old for cartoons especially in this day and age. We all need to laugh more. While your at it, go read more too. Books and more books. Visit your local library and enjoy something that we are all missing, some QUIET!


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