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Random Thought for Friday, April 15th, 2016: Happy Tax Day!

20160118_172601Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

Here in the USA today is infamously known as Tax Day.  April 15th each year the deadline for the postmark for sending in your tax return.

Ahem, and now I must clarify something.  Those of us who are getting money back are not getting a ‘tax refund’. When you overpay for something at a store, say the bill comes to 6 dollars and you pay with a ten, you get 4 dollars back in change.  It’s called change, not a refund.

With taxes here in the USA, when you get money back, it is NOT a refund.  It is the change from what you overpaid.  I’m just going to leave that thought here as I really don’t want to get into how we should not have the tax system we have now.  Yes, let’s steer away from that one.

I have news.  Good news.  Fun news. After many nights thinking about a certain project and with a coupon for a free domain name registration arriving in my inbox, I decided to let my inner muse flow. I have a new creative endeavor that I want to share with all of you

Head over to a new website, Jack the Network Bug. Jack is in reality the remains of an Ethernet network wall outlet that I recovered many years ago during a cabling change over at my old job. We had a number of outlets that we pulled out after certain cables were cut.  I fashioned a few of them into little animals and gifted in turn to our customer service staff at the time. If they had a network issue, they could just crush up, mangle, play with or throw their little ‘network bug’ to vent their frustration.

Anyhow, I kept one of them with the intent of taking it around with me as I went about my day and have it take ‘selfies’ along the way. So, each Tuesday there will be a new picture of Jack doing something. I know it sounds a bit silly, but it is a way to help me keep my creative juices flowing and thinking about different things. It helps me to keep up with my photography skills as well, so, it’s worth the effort.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter and on Facebook, you may have noticed some chatter from me about book giveaways. As of this morning, the giveaway for Fragmented ends tonight so be sure to enter if you want to win!

The the giveaway for It Began Among the Stars is still open. You have until this Saturday to enter so, head on over before it’s too late!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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