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Random Thought for Friday, April 24, 2015: Computer Killer

hamster in monitorWelcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

We have all been to that frustration point in our lives with something of the technology world.  We at times simply want to beat the snot out of the device.  Cell phones, gaming consoles, computers and other items can at times become very frustrating.

Recently there was a story in the news about a man in Colorado who did take out his frustrations on his home computer with his handgun.  You can read the story over at NBC News (  The Colorado Springs Police Twitter account and respective blotter entry tell an interesting story.




The man in question was charged with unlawfully discharging his firearm within the city limits.  While I applaud this exercise in holding a person accountable for their actions I am left with a sour taste in my mouth.  Many things are not being handled properly here and those guilty parties should be called out for their roles in this sordid affair.  After all, this is ‘Murica!  We have to do what we have to do and blame all those who are obviously at fault here!

Firstly, in the photo of the computer itself.  Where is the chalk outline around the ‘dead body’?  The police blotter shows that “Man Kills His Computer”.  He has committed murder of a silicon-based life form.  Where is the outrage here?  This man is obviously racist against computers! Didn’t the computer hold up it’s mouse and keyboard and say ‘don’t shoot’? Where is the outcry? Where are the protests?  Why doesn’t anyone care?

Secondly, where or where is Dell in this matter? Should they not be held accountable as well?  Shouldn’t Dell be held accountable for the cause of this poor man’s temporary insanity? It is obvious that a lack of quality control in regards to the production of this computer is what pushed this man over the edge I tell you.  Dell should be brought up on charges as well for at least accessory after the fact along with the gun manufacturer Hi-Point.

Dell and Hi-Point, yep, they are completely responsible for this incident.  Hi-Point, yeah, they need to help stop this sort of thing with an overpriced attachment for the gun barrel, regulated by overpowered gun regulations, that detects a computer in the gun sights and prevents the discharge of the weapon.

Where is the outcry of the environmentalists here?  With the repeated impacts of the bullets from the gunfire upon the computer, I am sure that the alley is littered with pieces of plastic, metal and other materials that go into the circuits and board within the computer.  Won’t that material be subject to rainfall and cause poisoning of the ground from the runoff?  Where is the Department of the Interior or the EPA? Why are they not screaming for a cleanup of the affected area by Dell and Hi-Point?  Again, where is the outcry?

Lastly, where is the outrage for you being responsible for this incident? Yes, you read that correctly.  You.  You who are reading this blog post.  You are responsible for what this man has done.  You are an audience and being an audience, it is obvious that this man shot his computer to give you something to read about.  You are the cause of this outrage because you are here, you exist and being as such give this man his identity as a serial computer killer!

What is the world coming to?

/Sarcasm off

Happy  Friday Everyone!

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