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Random Thought for Friday, August 14th, 2015: Here’s a Joke for You!

cropped-wpid-wp-1417989692023.jpegWelcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

I don’t have much this week as things have been crazy both at work and otherwise.  Busy writing, dealing with multiple questionable VW dealerships in the Atlanta, GA area and their shoddy repair work on my wife’s car. Ask me about what kind of car to buy and I will go into a tirade about how no one should buy a VW Jetta or anything else they make.  You have been warned.

Today I thought I would try to get into a better mood by sharing a bit of humor I heard this week.

 A man is sitting on an airplane. Next to him is a kid who seems a bit nervous.  The man say to himself, I’ll chat up this little guy to help him calm down.

Man: Hello there.  First time flying?

Kid: Yeah…but it’s okay.

Man: I thought that if we had a chat about say, anything, it might help the time to pass.

Kid: Gee, that’s nice. So, what would like to talk about?

Man: * mockingly* How about nuclear fusion?

Kid: Wow, that sounds interesting. Let me ask you a question.

Man: Okay.

Kid: A horse, a cow and a deer all eat grass. When the horse poops, it’s all clumpy. When the cow poops it’s a floppy patty and when a deer poops it’s all pellets. Can you explain why that may be?

Man: * sheepishly * Uh…no.

Kid: Well, why the hell would you want to talke about nuclear fusion when it’s obvious you don’t know shit?

Happy Friday Everyone!

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