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Random Thought for Friday, August 8, 2014: OSHIT

IMG_20140503_115522Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

Global warming, global cooling, climate change. These are all phrases that we have heard a lot about these days. This is NOT a place for discussion on these topics as I have something far more important to touch upon here.

People who are aflcited with a serious disorder, Over Sharing Horrible Internet Twit or OSHIT.

Ever spend hours and hours of your day just trying to keep up with your stream on whatever social network or networks to which you subscribe?

Do you cringe when you open your email inbox as you know that aside from spam, it will be full of items that are not worth the electrons spent to transmit them to your screen?

I know, it’s a scary subject that we all fear to talk about, the “problem that must not be named”. I have on occasion encountered people who suffer from OSHIT, however, I am very lucky in that I am blessedly free of this torture from my family and friends.  Of course, there are still moments that I do encoutner moments of OSHIT from time to time.

So, for those of you who cannot gather the strength to talk about this real world ‘Lord Voldemort’ in our lives, close your web browser now and stop reading. What follows will haunt you for the rest of your days.

For those brave souls who are still here with me, we shall sally forth as they say.

What is this OSHIT I speak of?  Well, to understand what I am talking about, we must first understand OSHIT or more accutately, we must understand the symptoms of this disorder.

The symptoms of OSHIT may include the following:

  • Someone forwards every email they receive without checking the validity, context or the intelligence of the content.  They may send the same content more than once such as virus alerts sent from sources that never send such material.
  • Someone who signs up with every social network on the planet and actively shares the content of the previously mentioned emails.
  • Someone who will create a new message board post to share said ‘content’.  They must create a brand new post as ‘they are the first person to share this unique material’ regardless of the 20 previous postings with the same content.
  • Someone who never creates original content of their own on any social network, they re-share everything they find without any comments about what it is they are sharing.
  • Someone who sends you emails about the content they just shared on every social network on the planet, then emails you again when they correct spelling mistakes to make sure you have read the one billionth ‘latest revision’.
  • Someone who updates their social network status with details about their intimate bodily functions that even their doctor would not want to know.

So, what can we do about it?  I know that the satisfaction of tracking down each and everyone one of these OSHIT’s and collectively introducing their skulls to a “Clue by Four” is extremely tempting but violence is not something I can condone here.  All you can do is recognize the symptoms and ensure that you and your children do not fall prey to this horrible disorder.

Want to help, just share this post with everyone you know.  ***snicker ***

Happy Friday Everyone!

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