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Random Thought for Friday, February 27, 2015: Errrg! (We haven’t come that far.)

wpid-wp-1413824213598.jpegWelcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

This morning when I got up and walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth, my wife Marie was already there.  She had showered, dressed and was doing up her hair.  She had a tired look on her face and simply grunted, “Errrg”.  I grunted in return and grunted an “Errrg”. In response.

As I took my shower this morning, I began to think about a few things and for some reason, our old buddy Rocco sprang to mind.  You may remember him from last year, we talked about how he had a difficult time with fire and low ceilings in his caveman world.

He didn’t really communicate the same way we did.  His speech was more a collection of grunts and guttural huffs rather that what we call articulated civilized language.  I began to think about all the studies on ancient language and I began to wonder.  Perhaps we have it all wrong.  Perhaps we are, from a linguistic standpoint, devolving.

You see, when my wife and I had our singular word exchange this morning, I didn’t really hear the “Errrg” and she didn’t hear the same from me. The conversation actually went a very different way in our minds.

My Wife:  “Good morning dear.  My goodness, it is really cold and dark this morning.  I really didn’t want to get out of that warm bed.  Logan is going to hate it too”.

Me:  “Uh huh, right there with ya babe.”

Perhaps Frank Herbert was on to something in his series of books on Dune.  In those books he talks about the “Weirding Way”, in which people can effect transference of a concept or thought through sound.  Certain thoughts have a certain sound equivalent to a form I believe was the line. Some words can start fires, others can shatter bones, effect a wave front to move a large mass, control the minds of those who were of a weaker will and yes, kill.  The sound was energy that carried thought to manifest into a final form.

Me and my wife held a complete conversation both with the use of a singular word that sounded the same.  Perhaps Rocco and his Neanderthal brethren had the same abilities. Those grunts and ughs were not just guttural sounds but in essence, an auditory emphasis of a thought process and transference to those around them.

This brings me back to my original thought that the human race is devolving on the language front.  Rocco and his buddies did just fine in the grand scheme of things without having the extensive audible language we have today.  Their grunts and ughs communicated just fine for the task they had set before them on those morning hunts each day.

Just imagine if we just started to communicate using only our thoughts.  I will grant you that the first few years would be very chaotic.  Politicians would have a hard time lying as we would see right through that veil over the truth to say nothing about marketing as it exists today.  We would end up back in the Stone Age from the chaos.  Given the path that the world is on now with the next looming financial crisis, political unrest everywhere and the general sick and tired feelings from people being sick and tired.  One would begin to think that perhaps, perhaps it is time that we should take that plunge.

Say it with me now, “Errrg!”.

Happy Friday everyone!

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