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Random Thought for Friday, February 26th, 2016: And All Good Things…

20140609_150843Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

I don’t normally talk about my day job on my blog. It has always been something that I felt should not happen. Don’t blab on about where you work online and where you work will never have an issue with your online presence.

While I won’t got into details about names of companies or people involved, I will be breaking my rule and talk about work today albeit it still in a vague fashion.

You see, today is my last Friday at my day job. Yup. As with many IT workers here in the USA, I’ve been laid off as the company I work for is outsourcing.

I know, it is an evil word, outsourcing. For those of you who may be warming up with some rage about yet another IT worker being outsourced, let me calm things down.

Those of us who were affected were properly notified back in October of 2015. We were told well in advance of a 60 day notice as required by the laws in the good ole USA. Some of us were able to transfer over to the new service provider but there are people like me where they simply did not have a position open in the area where we live.

For those of us who would be walking out the door as I will be doing, we have been offered a fair severance package based on years of service. I’ve been here for over ten years so I was able to get something nice. No complaints there.

Again without going into the specific details I will simply say that I understand the reasons behind the company’s decision to outsource IT. Frankly if I was the one calling the shots, I would be doing the same thing they did and for the same reasons. I am good with what they decided to do. Granted I would be better if I had another job to step into right now but you can’t have everything, right?

So yes, I am looking for a job. My resume is live on all the job boards and I would love to be able to find something soon. If you are hiring, do look me up as I am available.

This of course doesn’t change my plans with regards to my new book except I may have more free time to work on things.  Yeah, let’s focus on that.


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