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Random Thought for Friday, February 6, 2015: A Special Kind of Stupid

IMG_20140503_115522Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

There are times that I want to walk up to Mr. Darwin and tell him to his face that despite the brilliance of his Theory of Evolution, there seems to be a predominate problem in the application there of when one involves the human species and as such, I wish to firmly kick him in the shins.

Case in point the gem like the one we are going to discuss here that in a singular fashion just make the argument that Darwin was wrong just utterly fall into your favor.

I direct you to this article that came my way recently.  It was from the BBC News: Cornwall page, here is the link to the story should you wish to read it for yourself (

In short, a kid doesn’t make it to a birthday party and not only was he invoiced a “no show fee” but his father is being taken to small claims court for refusing to pay said fee.

Yes, you read that correctly.  As I was reading this article, I had to stop, dab the blood that was shooting from my eyes and take an Aleve for the headache from the collective face palming of the human race as this woman is a prime example of that special kind of stupid that seems to be taking a stronger foothold in our world.

To be fair here, I understand the mother’s frustration here with people that say they will come to a party and not show up.  We can all empathize with this frustration and disappointment.  We can all see how not having guest show up could contribute to a financial burden as one would make sure to have food, cake and other items available based on the number of expected guests.

Invoicing a kid for not showing up and then sue when they don’t pay the invoice doesn’t just seem to be ridiculous but is just down right abusive and there is no other way to say it, completely and utterly stupid.  If ever there would be an example of overreaching authority combined with a text book example of a frivolous lawsuit, this would be it.

Perhaps this potential perversion of the law lends credence to the theory that Shakespeare was in fact a time traveler and witnessed events such as these.  Perhaps this very incident allowed Shakespeare the insight of how effectual lawyers and the twisting of the law has become.  This may have been his inspiration from that famous line from Henry the Sixth:

Dick:  First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.

The irony that the character delivering this line is known as Dick the Butcher just adds humor to me for that one moment.  There have been times that I too have wanted to take a large, sharp metal object and “cut through” the legal idiocy that has evolved into our world.

I tell you, more and more, that silly movie called Idiocracy looking more and more like a documentary than a comedic film.  Can we now weep for the human species?

Happy Friday everyone!

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