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Random Thought for Friday, January 15th, 2016: Sign Spinning is Lame

IMG_20140505_085058Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

It is tax season again here in the USA and as such, the human billboard workers or “sign spinners” are out in full force. While I have nothing against these folks who do this work or the concept of marketing in general it is the tax businesses that just seem to be so lame at this.

What I walking about are the costumers these businesses make their workers wear in public. You see, most of the time, they have a costume that looks like Uncle Sam or the Statue of Liberty.

Nothing wrong with that…unless the execution of the costume, well, sucks. The Statue of Liberty is NOT a red velvet robe with a red velvet headpiece with severely dropping spikes. I know, the visual is made worse by the person inside this abomination having a face filled with pain and depression from having to stand in public, wearing this joke of a costume. I tell you, I feel for this person. ┬áReally, I do. ┬áIn this economy this person has to do this crap for a wage.

So tell me this. If you saw such a sight, such a cheap ass piece of crap costume in a horrible state of repair. Would this motivate you to trust that business with your personal financial and tax information?

I am sorry to say that this sort of thing only makes me NOT want to do business with them.

Please, do us all a favor. Give a shit about decency. Stop doing these lame costumes. Seriously, it doesn’t work and makes us all NOT want to do business with you.


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