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Random Thought for Friday, January 22nd, 2016: Goodbye Old Friend

20160118_172601Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

Well, it finally happened. My beloved Google Nexus 5 smartphone has finally met its end. Yup, the glass display broke on the bottom right side and left many cracks across the face.

For three years I’ve used this phone without incident. I’ve had a few smart phones and this is the first time I’ve broken a screen. Oh well. I guess it was time, eh?

So, with what did I replace my beloved phone? Well, the Google Nexus 5 was in essence the same phone as an LG G2. It just had a different placement for the camera and of course “clean” Android and the Nexus logo on the back.

 I looked at several phones and made the decision to get a LG G4.  The screen size is close to what I had, got it with 32 GB of storage, twice what I had before. The micro sd card storage system supports cards up to 1 TB in size. Yup, 1 terabyte. Not that I need that much storage on a phone but holy heck, that’s a lot of room!

I really like the camera on this new phone too. I can more easily get into a manual mode for photo work. I am getting used to the button placement for the power and volume controls. Being located on the back of the phone it is taking some getting used to.

Anyway, it is a better phone than I had and I’m happy with it. Next to try out is holding a writing session with it and see if I could potentially replace my Nexus 7 tablet with this new guy.

That should give me something to do while we endure yet another news media storm about the “end of the world from snow”. You know the drill, the inane news reports about winter weather happening in places where winter weather happens. I can’t wait to see the exploding logos for a “snow-pocolypse”. That one always makes me chuckle. A logo on fire for a news storm about snow.

How about a truthful logo shot for once. Snow falling and without the tense beat music. I am sure the silence would be deafening.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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