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Random Thought for Friday, January 29th, 2016: Little Johnny

20141231_101204Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

I’ve been busy with various things this week so I don’t really have a whole lot talk about.

So…here’s a joke I heard recently and yes it is a bit “dirty” .  😛

Little Johnny came down from his room this morning looking to get his breakfast. His mother told me that he had to do his chores first. Begrudgingly he set out.

First he had to collect eggs from the chickens. He did this and while leaving the chicken coop he kicked the chickens.

Next he had to feed the pigs. Again he did this and when he left the pig pen he kicked Murphy the Pig in the rump.

Lastly he had to milk old Bessie the cow. After filling the pail, he kicked Bessie as he left the barn.

Finally after cleaning up, he say down for breakfast. Before him was a bowl of dry cereal. He asked his mother where he breakfast was.

“Johnny. You kicked the chickens, so no eggs for you. You kicked the pigs so no bacon for you. You kicked Bessie so no milk for you.”

Just then Johnny’s father walked into the kitchen and kicked the cat. Little Johnny didn’t miss a beat when he asked his mother, “So, do you want to tell him or should I?”

Happy Friday Everyone!

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