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Random Thought for Friday, January 6th, 2017: Resolutions

Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

Nope, not doing it.  I am not making any New Year’s resolutions.  I stopped doing it way back in my school days as I was sick and tired of the same annual boring essay assignment to write about how I was going to improve myself. I’ve said on many occasions, if there is something you want to change about yourself, waiting until the new year is just plain silly.  Change it now, enjoy the change and relax through the holidays.

Don’t create this unnecessary stress from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve that you have to be ready to make some grand change. If you must, make the resolutions this year that you are not going to make new year resolutions anymore.  Just seize the inspiration to make those changes in yourself that you need to make.

This of course assumes that there is something you want to change about yourself.  No one is perfect but again, this sort of stress that everyone has to ‘fix’ something about themselves is just insane. Imperfect people are sometimes happy with how they presently exist. This continual pressure that people must change is one piece of the problem puzzle that is our world.

People are beautiful as they are.  Learn to appreciate that in others and you will find that you actually do like yourself. Enjoy that bagel with cream cheese with your morning coffee.

It’s a walk into the divine, don’t deny that for yourself.

Happy Friday!

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