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Random Thought for Friday, July 10, 2015: Packages

JournalCupWelcome to Friday’s Random Thought.  Here is another tidbit from my daily writing exercises.  It’s a short one but has possibilities.  Enjoy!

Out of town again. She was away yet again the poor girl. Tommy the UPS driver smiled as he walked up the front garden path bringing me her packages again. Tommy knew the drill the same as I.

Mary never imposed, she would simply ask if I could accept and hold her packages when she was away. I didn’t mind the task nor did Tommy as he left the boxes with me. We all knew Mary was working hard.

She would spend months at a time away, working at her job that no one really knew nor understood. Was she a salesperson? Secret agent? Time traveler? Was she ‘The Doctor’?

No one knew anything about her really except that she always got a lot of packages when she was away and that when she returned, she would open the boxes and distribute various gifts to people in the village.

Yeah, we liked Mary. Mary, the Christmas that always was.


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