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Random Thought for Friday, July 15th, 2016: Sound of Silence

Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

I don’t have a lot this week, been busy with work and various projects. With everything that has been going on across the country, with the revelations about Hillary Clinton and her continual lies and the violence that has stricken our country, I’ve been in a strange place in mind.

I always loved the original song by Simon and Garfunkel (

I heard a newer version last year and it struck a chord with me.  I think that everyone may enjoy this version by the band Disturbed.The vocals escalating through the song and a powerful voice are striking. The video below is their official production for their rendition of this classic.  The song paired with the imagery here, it’s a hauntingly beautiful echo of our times today.

Take a listen to this version and watch the video.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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