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Random Thought for Friday, July 11th, 2014: Spectator Traffic

IMG_20140419_111752Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

We have all been there.  You are trying to get somewhere and suddenly, all the traffic in front of you slows down to a crawl.

What has happened?

Is there a wreck? A fender bender?  A steaming engine that overheated?  Some poor soul with a flat tire in the rain?  How about a squirrel eating an Oreo cookie?

It’s always something and usually about the same time, when you finally crawl up to the ‘whatever’ that has caused the backup, you hear some DJ on the radio say something like “Everyone slows down to look but no one stops to help” or something else to that fact.

This morning however, a nameless idiot, as most idiots should not be graced with fame for their idiocy, actually said, “Why doesn’t everyone just stop and help instead of slowing down?”

While I agree spectator traffic or “rubbernecking” is a problem, the opposite is the solution?

Seriously?  Can you imagine how messed up that would be?

I can hear it on the radio now.

“Well, it looks like good ole Reverend John is pulled over on I-85 this morning with a flat tire and 5,000 people have pulled over to help him change his tire.  Police have been dispatched to the scene to provide coffee and half eaten donuts to all the volunteers.  In other news Cats and Dogs have declared a truce…”

Why is it when something happens the general news media seems to take the opposite position on an issue to the extreme that makes stupid look more like Albert Einstein?

For the record.  Slowing down coming into a “traffic incident” area is the safe thing to do as well as vacating the right most lane to allow for those on the side of the road to do what they need to do in safety.  You don’t need to slow down to “below idle speed” of your car so you can gawk at them.

Spare these stranded folks the unwanted attention, they are having a bad enough day without all the hateful stares of stressed motorists.  Remember, it could be you stuck on the side of the road.

Oh, wait a second.  They are breaking in with a news update.  Yup, it appears that video games are to blame.

Can I weep for the species now?

Happy Friday Everyone!

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