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Random Thought for Friday, June 12, 2015: Roma Seeds

wpid-wp-1433988793184.jpgWelcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

I like to spend time every morning just writing something.  I find that it helps me to wake up and clear my head before a long days work.  Sometimes I come up with something that I just can’t keep in my files.

Below is a little tidbit that I think you might enjoy.


Roma Seeds

James liked making the trips to grocery store. He liked the smell of the fruits and vegetables early on summer mornings. The smell would invade his nose and fill him with visions of his childhood. He always loved to work on the farm. The wonder he would feel from seeing his labors turn empty dirt into a field of corn or tomatoes, he felt like a god.

His favorite thing to grow was Roma tomatoes. He seemed to have a knack for growing them. He loved the time he spent with his grandchildren in the garden showing them how to grow the perfect tomato.

Today James walked around the grocery store and selected the items he needed for the evening meal. He casually followed a woman around who just seemed to strike his attention. She seemed so familiar. She was tall, eyes slightly puffy from an apparent lack of sleep combined with recent crying. Her clothes betrayed wrinkles as if she had been sitting in a car or bus for a long time. Her cart filled with what appeared to be necessities one would need after returning from a long trip away from home.

She lingered around the tomatoes in the produce section, looking over what was available. She actually said aloud, “I wish I had some seeds for Roma, Grandpa would be proud if I grew some.”

James took note of what he heard. Gems like these were always useful. He continued his shop and ended up behind the woman in the checkout line. Everything went in an orderly fashion. She smiled at James as she collected her bags and left the store. Sarah thought he looked familiar but could not place his face easily.

James was on his way out of the store when he noticed something lying on the ground just outside the door. It appeared to be womens wallet, filled with various items. There was a pen, credit cards, some money and a driver’s license. He looked at the license and saw the face of the woman he had observed. Her name was Sarah. The last name seemed familiar as did her face but he just could seems to remember from where he knew her.

He looked around the parking lot but could not find her. He looked at the license again, took note of the address. She only lived a few blocks away, so he headed in that direction. Along the way, he passed the local hardware store. He was half a block away when he remembered Sarah’s comment about Roma Tomato seeds. James quickly turned around, went into the store’s garden section and bought two packets of the seeds, then resumed his walk to Sarah’s home.

When he got there, the windows were open but all was quiet. There was no car in the driveway. He walked up to the front door and knocked. No one answered. He opened Sarah’s wallet and took out the small pen he saw earlier. He emptied the paper bag from the hardware store and wrote a note to her on the outside, then put the seeds and her wallet inside that paper bag. He reached over from the front porch and was able to toss the paper bag into the window before he left.

A few hours later, Sarah arrived home. She was a bit worried; the return trip to the grocery store did not help her find her lost wallet. She walked in and put all the groceries away, cleared away the bags and went to close the windows before the afternoon storms rolled in.

She found lying on the couch a small paper bag. Inside the bag, she found her wallet and two packets of Roma tomato seeds. She turned the bag over, saw the writing and read the note:


I was the man behind you in the checkout line at the grocery store. When I left the store, I found your wallet. I looked at your driver’s license and came by your house but you were not here. I hope I do not startle you with showing up at your house like this and leaving this behind. While I was shopping, I overheard you making a comment about planting some Roma tomatoes. I hope you enjoy the seeds!


Sarah read the note repeatedly and then started to cry. The handwriting was very familiar, similar to her Grandfather James. It could not be, he has been dead for almost ten years now!

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