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Random Thought for Friday, June 26, 2015: Dekalb County’s Road Debris Problem

IMG_20140505_085058Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

I want to have a serious discussion about the Interstates that run through Dekalb County here in the good ole Peach State, Georgia. If you spend any time commuting on I 75, I 85, I 285 or I 20 you will know what I am talking about.

Broken car parts, pieces of tires, shopping carts, various refuse litter these roads through Dekalb county.  I won’t go into how much worse the shoulders of these road are save to say that the local trash dump is cleaner.

Yes, there is debris on these same roads as they go through other counties, but in Dekalb it seems to be the worst and as of late is a major road hazard.

Which leads to the traffic fun most of us have had to endure this week within Dekalb county.  Many vehicles have been involved in crashes as a result of impacting the debris or attempting to avoid that debris.  These crashes have cost us all lost time and fuel sitting in various traffic jams.  Yes, there have been a rash of wrong way crashes as well, but they pale in comparison to the continued menace of jams from road debris incidents these past few months.

This has got to stop.  Dekalb County Georgia can’t continue to wait for volunteers to clear the debris from the interstates.  They need to step up, use those budget dollars allocated for road maintenance and well, here’s a novel concept, maintain the roads.

Yes, as of late they are finally repaving many roads but this does not excuse them for the excessive lack of concern over the past decade.  If they maintained these roads all along, they would not be scrambling to deal with things like the sinking bridge over the train tracks on Mountain Industrial The crumbling sections of Harriston where the canyons that line the splits between lanes rips wheels off of any vehicle that tries to change lanes is always fun.  Yeah, that school bus last week missing it’s front wheel from that was interesting.  Thank goodness there were no kids on the bus or there would have been major injuries.

I am trying to remain calm and not go into an all out rant as such exercises will have no effect on the powers that be of one of the “most corrupt counties of the south”.  Yeah, I went there.   Many people regard Dekalb county as a sad joke given the road conditions, the abusive property tax practices and the general lack of concern for its citizens save for the cops and firefighters.

I really feel bad for the police and firefighters in Dekalb county.  They bust their butts cleaning up the messes of the failed leadership of Dekalb. If you see a Dekalb county cop or firefighter, do them a favor.  Shake their hand, offer them a bottle of water this summer or just say to them “THANK YOU!”  They are dealing with these messes their leadership has created for all of us, so don’t throw them ugly looks when you finally get past a wreck on I 285.  They are trying to help you.

Happy Friday Everyone and I hope your traffic woes go away!

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