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Random Thought for Friday, June 27th, 2014: Potholes

Welcome to the first installment of Friday’s Random Thought.  This will be a regular topic on this blog and hopefully, an entertaining one.


Why do we call them Potholes?

You know what I am talking about.  Those small “craters of death, destruction and doom” that you inevitably encounter on the road. That gaping abyss you just drove into that provides  an economic stimulus to your local mechanic as he attempts to reattach your front end and your chiropractor visit to correct what was your spine.  Now, it’s just a collection of broken bones that resembles a question mark having sexual intercourse with a plate of spaghetti. Yeah, that’s a visual that will stay with you.

Yes, I was actually genuinely curious as I had encountered a nicely shaped pothole this morning that reminded me of just how deep a rabbit hole can go.  A stealthy pit to the other side of the earth that I never saw until I felt the front end of the car tip downwards, land on the bottom with a distinct thud and then a loud bang as I encountered the other side and begin that long trek back up to the planet’s surface.

So, I did what anyone in our day and age did.  I consulted the Book of Knowledge, aka,  During my search, I found a lovely website dedicated to all things Pothole,

This website’s purpose is to bring attention to potholes, what causes them, the threats they post to our infrastructure and different ways  to deal with the “pothole menace”.

In their September 9th, 2010 post titled, Why do they call them potholes?“, they discuss various theories as to the word’s origin. The bit about potters in ancient Roman times does seem a bit far fetched as the article admits to, but nonetheless  it’s a good read and I recommend taking the time.

I mean how often can you read something interesting  about a menace that has inspired the creation of some very colorful language that you can’t repeat in front of children.

Of course I have to ask, how do the potholes feel about all of this?  Seriously, what the heck are these poor dents in the road supposed to do?

They spend their time, just sitting there in the middle of traffic, having tires invade their personal space all the time.  It’s no wonder they tear up your tires, suspension and various other parts of your car.  It’s retaliation I tell ya.

How would you feel about your home being invaded by a Ford Escort, eh?

Have a good Friday everyone!

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