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Random Thought for Friday, March 18th, 2016: Spring is Coming….ACHOO!

FavWelcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

Yes, is is true. No, it is not a rumor. Pollen season is in full swing. How did I come to this conclusion? Well for one thing, all the Easter decorations are up at your local mall, the stores have Easter products for sale and people are sneezing all over the place. It’s like the Flu but with warmer weather, pretty flowers and a thin yellow coating of pollen on everything.

Isn’t spring time grand? Seriously, I do think it is rather nice.  We are finally able to get out of our winter coats, see the sun and enjoy spending time outside.

I for one am really looking forward to those lovely evenings of itchy eyes. You know, those nights after you have had a lovely barbecue with family and friends. The exquisite pain of pollen and smoke from grilling burgers, ribs and shrimp for everyone to eat.

Ah yes…spring time is a lovely time to just sit outside after dinner and watch the sun set.  A comfortable chair, nice glass of something and perhaps some cheese and bread (yes, again with the bread) to nibble on while sitting there breathing the clean air.

I know what I am doing tonight after Logan goes to bed, what about you?

In other news…I have a book sale coming up.  Support Indie Authors ( is coordinating their annual Book Blast. This is where all of us go out to help promote indie authors and their books. If you are an indie author, be sure to head over to our forums on Goodreads ( for more information.

If you are an avid reader, this listen up.  April first is when the Book Blast begins and there will be all kinds of eBooks available at discounted prices.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter (, Facebook (, Google+ ( and of course here for more details.

Of course, signing up for our mailing list ( would be a good idea too. I run sales all the time and exclusively let my readers know here.  Heck, if I find a good book deal on something I let my readers know here too, so do sign up.


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