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Random Thought for Friday, March 25th, 2016: HAPPY EASTER!

IMG_20140430_120300Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

Happy Easter Everyone!

I must admit, I have been slightly taken by surprise this year. It seems that Easter has come early this year.

You see, Easter is on the first Sunday to follow the first full moon after the first day of spring.  So, the date shifts about due to lunar cycles. This year the full moon came around earlier than we normally see and thus Easter is this weekend. A quick Google search revealed that the earliest Easter on record was several hundred years ago. It was on a March 22nd. Imagine how crazy that must have been for people. So this year, enjoy the early holiday friends and family.

 As this is my regular Friday post, let me leave you with this random thought that I’ve seen on the Internet this week.

“Did you know that when you clean out a vacuum cleaner, you have then become a vacuum cleaner?”

Happy Friday Everyone!

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