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Random Thought for Friday, March 3rd, 2017: Of Pollen and Traffic

Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

It is March already? Wow…where have the past two months gone here? I mean before we know it, here in the USA we will come to the Daylight savings time clock change. Yup, that’d on March 12th if I sm not mistaken.

So this week has been sprinkled with a lot of close calls when commuting to and from work. The Atlanta area is infamous for the traffic and with tree pollen ramping up for a slightly early spring, peril is a word that comes up in conversation.

Of course, such peril can only come from one place, antihistamines. Listen up people. If you take an antihistamine, you ARE impaired. It’s not a what if or maybe.

You are impaired. slow down, take more time to look before you changes lanes and for crying out loud, hang up your phone!


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