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Random Thought for Friday, May 22, 2015: Geek Gone Wrong

Dr. LoganWelcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

Yeah, I will admit.  I am a Geek and I am proud of it.  Computer techie, amateur photographer, cheif, writer, master of Full Contact Basket Weaving.  I revel in my Geek status as does my Wife.  We collect Geek related items as all Geeks do.

As with all things, there are people who take it way too far.  No, I am not talking about Cosplayers, that is a much respected art and has led to many people finding their way into employment as actors/actresses and/or fashion related jobs.

I am talking about the BTCRing (  Want to propose to that significant other?  Buy them a ring that is an offline wallet for the digital currency known as Bitcoin.

This thing is in simplest terms, this is a QR code that you wear as a ring.  Really?  It’s not enough that QR codes are placed on stickers that litter street signs, walls and gas pumps but now you want to ask that person you love to wear a QR code?

I think you could come up with something more classy than this.  Don’t want to go the diamond route, get something like a Doctor Who themed ring.  Some good ones are:

Seriously.  If you want to show your the SOG, Significant Other Geek, in your life that you want to spend the rest of your life with them, get something more meaningful than a QR code.  Get something special and then, send her the Bitcoin on top of that.

That’s a better plan!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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