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Random Thought for Friday, November 11th, 2016: In Ore Alienum Icere

cwss2qrxeaayum3Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

First and most importantly, thank you to all the fine and honorable fellow humans that currently do and have served in our nation’s armed forces.  Through your dedication, courage and honor, our country continues to shine as a light in the world.

Next  just wanted to briefly touch up on the recent Presidential Election here in the USA.  As with any change, whether you wanted it to happen or not, accept it.  I don’t care who you voted for.  The deed is done, we have to live with it now.  Try to make the best of it and let us all come together.  Continuing the divisiveness of the past 8 years will do nothing to help yourself and the country.  Enough said.

Lastly, some of you may be wondering what’s the deal with the photo of the signet ring and wax stamp on today’s post along with the post title, In Ore Alienum Icere.  It’s Latin, directly translated it means In the mouth of another strike. The more vernacular translation comes from one of my pastimes, listening to The Greatest Podcast in the Universe, The No Agenda Show.

To quote from the show, “Our formula is this…we go out…we hit people in the mouth.” When a No Agenda producer, that’s what listeners to the show are called, “hits you in the mouth”, it means we’ve told you about the show and now you have to make the effort to listen.

We don’t actually hit people in the mouth, that would be silly and quite violent.  We would rather deconstruct the daily news to see what is really going on.  Yes, there is some tin foil hattery stuff that happens but for the most part, the show provides excellent analysis of the news, the silliness that has become the main stream news media, sorts through all the garbage and helps one to understand how things will affect them.

So what’s with the picture of the ring?  A few months ago, through contributing to the “value for value” model in which the show operates, I donated sufficient funds to be declared a Knight of the No Agenda Roundtable.  For doing so, you are given title on the show during an on the air knighting ceremony.  I was bestowed the title of Sir Riley Wordsmith and was sent my signet ring.

So, now you all have officially been hit in the mouth, go and listen to the show either live on Thursdays and Sundays from noon until 3 pm EDT at or listen through your favorite Podcast listening app.  No Agenda Show is available in iTunes and Google Play

In The Morning Everyone!

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