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Random Thought for Friday, November 21, 2014: He’s two now…

20140609_150843Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

My son turned two years old.  Oh my god.  Yup, two years old and already he has like 50 girlfriends.

I am soo screwed.  Of course, it didn’t help matters that when he was still a small baby, we put him in onesies that had things like “I like to be picked up by older chics” printed on them.

What has it been like?  Well, any parent would tell you it has been awesome and I will be that giddy proud father and say the same thing.

It has been awesome.

What I love the most is how everything is new and magical.  Logan find new things and ways to explore the world and it keeps me and my wife on our toes all the time and or course, we find ourselves remember our childhoods.

It is the little things like he will never see a working rotary phone, a tv that doesn’t have a remote control or is not a flat panel.  He will not know the joy of watching SciFi movies on a UHF TV station…he will know about Sharknado, this generations good/bad SfiFi film series.  Mine was something about killer tomatoes.

He will never know a world where computers are not everywhere and a world where if you want a book, you had to go to a library or a bookstore..

When I was a kid, camping was something you did for fun with your dad or with the scouts.  Now it is what you do in online games.

He is a child of the digital age more than I am in the sense that the analog world is so small now.  It makes me sad that he will not share in some of the joys that I did when I was a kid, but its tempered with the knowledge that Logan will too, have the same moment I am having now.

He will see a world where people don’t use smart phones as we know them, where we live on a planet that doesn’t have trees or gas powered cars.  He may know a world where the view of Earth from the Moon was a bit greener and Mars was still a red planet, not the dull grey of a partially terra-formed world.

Heck, his kids may even ask him, “Dad, what was a ‘blog'”?

Happy Birthday Logan and Happy Friday Everyone!

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