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Random Thought for Friday, October 10, 2014: Sinuses…sminuses…

IMG_20140503_115522Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

It’s that time of the year again, that time when the weather begins to cool, the winds begin to blow, when the internet is filled of meme pictures of Ned Stark in his “Winter is Coming” pose and the sinus infection that you have been hopeful to avoid comes to visit.

You have done your best, gotten enough sleep, eaten right, dressed right, washed your hands after blowing your nose and still, the Hulk comes along with a head cold, pops into your skull and proceeds to SMASH!!

Yeah, it’s been that kind of week but it’s getting better.

So, for now, I shall channel my inner Phlegm filled Pagan and continue to sacrifice may tissues to the Kleenex gods.  My advice, but stock in any company that makes tissues, there will be a growing demand.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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