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Random Thought for Friday, October 14th, 2016: Enough is Enough!

IMG_20140505_085058Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

I’m tired.  Last week I talked about how I was at saturation about the election and all the silly drama.  It would seem that fate feels that we have not had our fill of the silly stupidity.  Yet more and more garbage is filling all the main stream news outlets.

So I’ve gone from having been overloaded to something I just can’t explain. Enough is enough.

I’m going to sit down and watch a marathon of Peppa Pig with my son.  That will heal all my ails. The only good news this week.  Sponge Bob Square Pants goes off the air on the 17th of this month.

Celebrate those little victories everyone.  It’s all we are getting this week.

In other wonderful news, SIA from Goodreads is hosting another book sale on October 28th through October 31st.  CB’s Monster Weekend will offer lots of free and discounted eBooks, don’t miss it!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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