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Random Thought for Friday, October 23, 2015: Obsessions

20140628_142947Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

Live and work has been very busy as of late and I really don’t have a lot to talk about this week.

However, I did want to give you a peek into our lives if you will.  You see, my son has an obsession or rather obsessions.  He loves to laugh, he loves to get under blankets yelling “TUNNEL!” and he can’t stop watching the movie Big Hero 6.

Yup, he gets up in the morning, says “Hi Daddy, Baymax?”

This has been going on for weeks now. I tell ya, it’s really cute when he starts to sing along with the music…correctly.  He’ll be three next month. Yeah…I love every minute of it.

On a separate but related in a way sort of note, I don’t want to hate Christmas.  You see, I have this obsession in complaining about how early you see Christmas decorations.

No, I’m not complaining about the Christmas decorations at a local Walmart coming out for display before Halloween. I am complaining about the decorations at a local Walmart that have been out for so long that the dust on them has dust.  Pro tip here.  Take the “special sales ads” off these items, we don’t need to be reminded that they have been on display since the summer of 2013.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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