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Random Thought for Friday, October 9, 2015: The Sock

JournalCupWelcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

Here’s another writing tidbit from my writing exercises.  Unlike the one from last week, this writing prompt did not lead me down a strange path.  Take a sock and put it into a story.

It was just an old worn out sock. Mary would not leave home without carrying that sock. Ever since she was just 10 weeks old this old sock that belonged to her father was her best friend.

Of course Sarah tried on many occasions to swap it out for a teddy bear or other soft cuddly toy, Mary would never let it go. It was her best friend in the world.

Now many children when they become attached to an object, like a teddy bear or another toy they don’t take care of it as we think they should.  Many a teddy bear have become soiled to the point of complete ruin.

Mary would put her old sock in the wash with her other clothes once a week. Although she would take ‘sock’ as she called it everywhere she went, she was always careful. Sock had its own plastic bag to protect it from the rain, snow, mud and excessive amount of dirt that playing as a child would encounter.

Mary loved Sock like it was her best friend in the world. As she would not be separated from it, Sarah had no choice but to live with Mary’s choice in childhood companions.

As the years went by, Mary continued to keep Sock with her. High school was a bit trying for Mary but she and Sock made it through just fine. College was another 4 years of just Mary and Sock.

I know, this seems a bit lonely for Mary. She had boyfriends here and there but they never seemed to measure up to Sock. Sock was always there, Sock never hurt Mary. Sock was the only thing that was constant in her life. When Sarah passed away, Mary did something no one expected. Mary left Sock in the casket with Sarah.

Everyone was shocked but when Mary was seen a few months later, Sock was with her.  It made no sense. How could this worn old sock that was buried with her mother be in Mary’s pocket again?

Some of the remaining family went the police. Mary obviously had dug up her mother’s grave to get Sock. That was the only possible explanation. Mary had been obsessed with this worn old sock for her entire life, it was clear that she should be locked up in a nut house.

So as things progressed, the police got involved.  Sarah’s casket was exhumed and inside they found Sock. Sock was laying on Sarah’s hands just as Mary had left it. Puzzling still were the events where Mary was being detained. At the mental hospital, the nursing staff would always take Sock away from Mary each night and the next day, Sock would be with Mary again. They would take the sock, burn it in the trash and the next morning the same sock would be in Mary’s hands.

Obviously Mary had a stash of these socks in her room, so they moved her to another room with only a bed, no windows and it was the same story. Sock would come back to Mary each time.

Finally the day came for Mary to be released despite her family’s objections. There was something very strange about Mary and Sock and everyone wanted answers.

Mary stood in front of everyone and slowly smiled. As she did, Sock seemed to show up in pockets and bags all over the city. Sock was everywhere.

“You don’t understand. I know it is confusing and scary and unsettling. What is Sock? I don’t know any other way to tell you. I don’t see a worn out old sock, I see the love I have for each and every person in the world. I see a glow and a smile in your hearts and when I try to share that with you, all you see is this old sock that looks like the one my father once had.”

Everyone just looked around at each other, not knowing what to say or think at this moment. Mary continued,

“None of you ever asked Sarah what happened to my father. He wasn’t there when I was born or so many of you think. You see, he died the day I was born. He was working in the tunnels and there was a lot of flooding. He and his partner were trapped each in a separate service rooms. The room my father was in was flooding and leaking into the next room. The only thing that would stop his partner from drowning was to stop the flow of water from his room to the next room.  It was a small hole and all he had to work with was a spare sock. My father plugged the hole and drowned.”

Everyone in the room stood silent.  Many of the people could not help but to cry as hearing the story. Mary looked around and held up Sock for all to see.

“This is not just a sock, this is a testament of the bravery, the courage and the love my father had for everyone in the world.  I keep Sock as it is a reminder to me that one day, I will meet this wonderful honorable man and when I give him back Sock, he will know that I understood his sacrifice, his devotion to mankind and he will know that there are people who never forget heroes.”

With those final words, Mary walked out of the room and disappeared, never to be seen again.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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