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Random Thought for Friday, September 12, 2014: Can I Sit in the Sun Today?

IMG_20140824_105251 Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

“What the hell happened to me?”

It is a phrase that all of us say at one point in our lives if for no other reason, we have finally figured out that we are in fact getting older.

You wake up in the middle of the night with a lovely bout of acid reflux and you come to realize that having 4 waffles with maple syrup right after a bowl of ice cream is not something you can do anymore before you go to bed.

You have gotten older and that stomach you had as a teenager has left you.  Those greener fields of happy joy and late night food binges and done. As you sit there in the dark with that lovely bitter acidy flavor in your mouth coupled with your now favorite candy called Tums, the only thing that you now can hear is that sleepy voice of your spouse saying, “I told you….”

What do you do now?  Scratch off the list ice cream and waffles and sign up for Bran Muffin monthly and those free basket weaving classes at the local adult education annex, that’s what you do.

Accept it, you are becoming like your parents. The next time you talk to them on the phone, take copious notes about all those lovely aging ailments they regale upon you.  It’s not to gross you out, they are still being your parents and trying to prepare you for what is to come.  Hip replacements, hernia surgeries and all that fun with having to use “donuts” to be able to sit down.

It’s why the grandparents get your kids all sugared up and hyper before you head back to your home.  Partly its to get revenge for all those times you tried to help your mom with the house cleaning and found out the hard way that the sofa and Comet cleanser are not meant to be together.  Mostly its because they are living their younger days vicariously through you children.  Again, take copious notes, this knowledge will be most useful later on in life and don’t be hurt, you kids will too do the same with their children.  Isn’t that circle of life thing grand?

Yes, write it all down as you should know now, memory is the second thing to go when you get that advanced in years.  I can’t remember what the first thing was…

Happy Friday Everyone!

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