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Random Thought for Friday, September 19, 2014: Huh? What? Okay…

IMG_20140419_111752Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

I’m in a strange sort in my head these days.  It’s not because work has been work or relating to any troubles in my daily life.  I’ve just had a strange sort of mind lately when thinking about anything.

I’ve got this nagging feeling about anything that I write, a yearning for something “awesome” to flow from my mind to the screen.  I wouldn’t say it’s writer’s block, just more of a mess of many different things to write about.  Heck, I’ve started this blog post about 12 different times, only to save a partial drafts for expansion later on as that particular wellspring began to run dry.

Which leads me to the topic for this week, distractions.

With the world spinning into all kinds of chaos it seems that nothing seems to have any substance.  People seem to continue to not pay attention when driving as they are reading their smart phones and crashing about, I’ve seen more bruised faces from close encounters of the “wall kind” lately and to top it off, apparently one of the local Walmarts is selling yellow bendy fruit things.

I guess it was too much trouble to remember the word ‘Banana’.  The minions will not be happy with this new development.

So, why all the distractions and lack of focus?  Well, if I had the answer to that question, I think it would open up a universe of answers for me, including the winning mega millions lottery numbers for today.  Someone on the radio this morning was chatting about the same things and they simply Human Nature.

I have to say that I disagree.  Human Nature is what you make of it.  It’s not Human Nature to not pay attention to what is going on around you.  That’s just being lazy, careless and inconsiderate of others.

You see, I have another thought nagging at me and as I look at my son, it keeps coming to the forefront.  Responsibility.  No one these days really wants to take responsibility for their own actions.  Yup, I can see in my mind people cringing as the good old soap box is making an appearance here.

I was raised that you took responsibility for your own actions and your own needs.  That meant that if you spilled a soda can you cleaned it up, regardless of whether or not you were at home or in public.  If you were out of money as a kid, you asked your parents if you could borrow the lawn mower and mow people’s lawns.

You didn’t hide behind evasive words and cop outs or lame excuses for being lazy and careless. You treated people the way you wanted to be treated.  It all starts with you, not the other guy.  You have to take the first step in the respect game.  You show some else respect and low and be hold, you will receive the same in kind.

Try it sometime.  Don’t leave that soda you spilled on the floor for someone else to clean up when you are at your local McDonald’s.  Go up to the counter and ask for paper towels or the mop and bucket.  You’l be surprised at the looks you will get and the genuine thank you the staff will give you, even if you don’t clean it up.

So many people spend so much time complaining that they don’t get respect, that it should be handed out like a freebie all the time.  News flash, if you spent more time showing respect to others, you would see that it takes less effort to receive respect in kind.

Oh if only Bill and Ted were here to today telling us all “Be Excellent to Each Other”.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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