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Random Thought for Friday, September 26, 2014: Marketing Will Lead to the End, Apocalypse, Final Destination, …

IMG_20140419_111752Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

The choice is upon us. We have come to a crossroads again. We have to decide what we are going to do now. Everything has come to this point. Fruition doesn’t bring a shadow to what has come to pass. It has built up for a long time. Many things came together at the same time. Everything just clicked to bring it all together. We have come to the tipping point. The value and price are equal, it’s all about personal preference. Ascetically they are the same, the is no difference on the outside. The components on the inside are the same, the names are just different. It’s the same difference, pick one. We have to decide if we want the same thing. You see one, you have seen them both. They are twins and yet they are singular. All things being equal, they are no different from each other. It’s a black and white decision with little gray area. It’s in the gray area and they are both black and white. You can buy 2 at 30 bucks each or buy one, get one free at 60 bucks.

Isn’t marketing speak wonderful? The above collection of “catch phrases” is just what I can remember from the various ads I heard on the radio this morning.

Here’s another one. An SEO expert walks into a bar, a pub, a public house, a Restaurant, TGIFridays, Chilli’s….

Let me ask you a question? Why do we allows ourselves to fall prey to this garbage? What is it that drives us to take our wonderfully miraculous brains and flush them down the collective crapper?

Pleasure. Plain and simple.

We live in a economic society that is based on the consumerism model. We have to have stuff. That’s what we are continually led to believe.

I can remember the endless summers as a child, running around playing war with the other kids in the neighborhood.

We used our minds to make up our weapons. We would actually spend hours on end hunting through the woods for the fallen sticks that best resembled guns. Does this one have a back piece that comes back far enough to work as a stock for the rifle or those ultimate pistols from the intersection of 2 branches. Pine cones, those made wonderful grenades. A leaf with some vine tying it onto an arm or head were bandages and of course, juice from the raspberries made a wonderful look of blood from a wound.

We had fun and we had everything we needed to reenact that famous battle, the Last Charge of the Boys Against the Girls for the Sledding Hill of Honor.

Modern marketing continues to attempt to take those wonderful things that I remember from when I was a kid and just toss them aside.

Apparently it is too much effort to be a family nowadays or to invent games and the playing pieces for those games.. Everyone has to have that pleasure right now. They can’t wait the time it takes to play Chutes and Ladders.

Well no more I tell you. My son has decided that the blanket on the couch would make a wonder “roof” over his head, especially if I wave it up and down on his head and make his hair stand up from the static electricity. Apparently this is the greatest thing since sliced bread….this week.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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