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I am sorry I've not been more active these past two weeks, but it's been a busy time in the Castine household with the new addition, Logan. He's finally settling down into a schedule of eat, sleep, diaper adventures and of course, becoming more interactive

This shot my wife captured with her phone of me, Logan and Annie enjoying a quiet nap this past Saturday. Yeah, I am really loving being a dad.

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Annie went to the groomer's today. She looks so much better. Here's a few shots her her and her cuteness. First she just sat there and posed for me, then she decided that one photo was enough and it was time to play, so, CHARGE!

The last shot was after she was done playing for a while and decided to just lay there and let me snap a few more photos. I went ahead and added the macro lens filter I have and went in for the closer that close closeup.


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I picked up a macro lens attachment for my camera and was playing with it last night. Annie, our dog, decided to help me and take an up close sniff

I used my Olympus E-300 Volt with the Olympus 14-45mm f/1:3.5-5.6 Zuiko Digital Zoom Lens and a Vivitar .43X wide angle lens converter with macro kit using just the macro section of the kit.

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My friend Carole Pivarnik is a very talented "Dog" artist. She's been working on her latest project, Doggitude, and I got to tell you, she's got some very good stuff for this book. This link below is for the work she has done on the portrait of our dog Annie

I can't want until her book comes out now!

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Is It Done Yet? | Doggitude: The Book
Sometimes when I finish a painting, I KNOW beyond any doubt that it is done. Other times, not so much. That was the case with Annie’s portrait. Annie is a fluffy white Papillon/Poodle mix. The pro…

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