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Yup, someplace for Veto and friends to hang out


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Hope is rekindled

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Originally shared by +Justin Bale

Today was pro-USA demonstration in Benghazi condemning the attacks on the embassy.

Everyone needs to see this, please share this. I have a feeling it will be swept under the rug by the major news outlets.

We cannot lump all the people of the middle east in with terrorists and extremists. I have known several Muslims in my life, and I know many Christians who are infinitely more radical and prone to violence than they are.
There are over a billion Muslims. You cannot say one view point is shared by that many people, it simply isn't true.



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RIP Vile Rat

I didn't know the man personally but I had tangled with him in game a few times over the years. He is one of the people that gave Goonswarm a good name and one of the reasons that organization had earned my respect.

My heartfelt condolences go out to his family and to "All the little bees", he will be missed.

RIP mate.

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Originally shared by +Mike Miller

The "US official" who died in the consulate attack in Benghazi was a friend of mine from Eve Online, Sean "Vile Rat" Smith.

I'm heartened by the outpouring of support from the +EVE Online community over the past few hours (check twitter and the hashtag #tweetfleet ).

Words kind of fail me right now, I grieve with my friends, and I grieve for Sean's family. The Mittani was able to break through the haze and jumble some words together about what kind of awesome guy Vile Rat really was.

#libya #benghazi #eveonline #goonswarm #ripvilerat

RIP: Vile Rat | THE MITTANI dot com
So: Vile Rat, Sean Smith, my friend for over six years, both in real life and in internet spaceships, was the “State Department Official” killed in Benghazi by a mob of religious lunatics, who had bee…


Yes, this is an EVE Online post.

Back in 2006, I was a newly into the EVE Online universe. My noob self ventured into what is called low security space and I was caught by a pirate. It was my first time being ransomed and that -10 flashy pilot explained to my noob self what piracy was and how a ransom worked. I did "pay the man" and that was how I first met Verone.

Fast forward to 2 years ago, after spending a few years playing the game and becoming a right good pirate if I don't say so myself, I reached the pinnacle of my EVE Online career. I applied and was accepted into Veto.

To say that was the best day of my life would be down right corny, but I have to tell ya, it was a very good day. I was finally joined back up with many friends I had made in EVE Online and I made several more friends that have been with me through many good times.

Veto was more than just a player organization in EVE Online, it was a family that grew beyond the game.

So, the EVE Online corporation known as Veto has come to pass into the halls of legend.

We are of course, still a family and we will continue to play other games. Many members of Veto who are still playing EVE Online will continue to do so.

Former Veto have a new home on the net, it's listed on Verone's message on the link. If you want to chat with us all, head over to

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Good on ya Carole, I'm right there with ya!

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Life in Low Sec: The Last Loose End
The Last Loose End. Recently I realized that any desire to return to EVE or remain engaged in its peripheral community venues (like Twitter, Skype, or FHC) has been inexorably trumped by the things in…

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