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Random Thought for Friday, January 9, 2015: The Whistle Beneath My Wings…

wpid-wp-1417989692023.jpegWelcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

Why do we say the wind blows?  Why couldn’t we say the wind flys?  How about runs, skips or jumps along?

Think about it.  Saying the wind blows gives way to a visage of invisible air, blowing more air around.  It just doesn’t really fit, does it?

I’d like to start saying the wind runs across the ground like an invisible wall of coolness or the wind skips along like a stone across a pond.

What about the wind whistles?  That makes increasingly more sense.  Ever sat near an outside wall of a building as the air races by?  You can hear it as the pressure builds from the air pushing itself against the structure.

The wind races, that’s similar to the wind blows, but conveys the concept of speed much better, don’t you think?

How about not calling it wind but rather from what composes what we call wind.  The air blows.  No, that doesn’t really work.  The air races or moves fast.  The air whistles?

The word wind sounds better to use as it has been used for centuries.  The wind blows gives way to the concept that we can make it ourselves by simply exhaling quickly.  By that same token, the wind whistles as we can do the same, making whistling sounds from the same exhaling force.

If you really want to get technical, air that we call wind is actually made of all the gases in our atmosphere.  The atmosphere blows, whistles, races, skips…yeah.  That sounds awkward doesn’t it or more even a bit foreboding.  The atmosphere skips…right off the planet and into space killing us all. Yeah, here comes another SciFy channel original production of all the air leaving the planet.  I am sure that sharks would be involved in that one.

So where does leave us here? Well, wind blows still sounds good to people as that is what we are used to saying so I guess it will stay, but I personally will be making a concerted effort to use wind races or wind whistles.  I just like it better as it is different.

Like not saying something is different but rather diversely unique.

Happy Friday everyone!

Random Thought for Friday, December 12, 2014: Dodge…everything!

wpid-wp-1417989692023.jpegWelcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

My son Logan is 2 years old now.

Something that I have noticed about 2 year children is that they suddenly become major league pitchers and have a fascination with throwing things. All things, any thing, any little thing that fits into their tiny hands, away it flies.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about our new exercise regime, “duck and cover”, but there has to be a better way to deal with this.

So, what shall we do, eh? Shall we spent lots of money on tubes of crazy glue and secure everything to solid surfaces?

I don’t think that would work out very well, especially if we needed to use a tissue from the tissue box and suddenly it is stuck to the coffee table.  Ah yes, I am sure that hilarity would ensue on that front.

Shall we replace everything in our house with Nerf products?  Does anyone know if Nerf and Vizio have partnered for that 2 year old proof television yet?  If anyone has any leads on that one, we are MOST interested.

I am trying to remember back to when I was two years old. What was going through our minds way back then? To be very honest, I can’t remember much other than everything was much bigger than it is now, awareness of time doesn’t seem to have been a factor and cookies and milk were the most awesomest thing ever!

Logan’s most awesome thing right now is ability to inhale a banana in less than 30 seconds and keep munching on the same apple for a few hours.

Well, I guess I will me seeing many more games of “duck and cover” in my immediate future. At least, he gives hugs and kisses with the same vigor and his recent table clearing of crayons and apple bits.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Random Thought for Friday, December 5, 2014: Are We Confusing our Kids?

xmas2014Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

It is that time of year again where we attempt the all important “picture of the young kid with Santa” photo.

Logan is two now and last year, our attempts did not go so well. We were only able to get a good picture from this very nice family who had a kid in his daycare.  They offered to do Santa photos for everyone and they were really the best anyone could hope for.  I am sad that they are no longer there this year.

This year we made our first attempt at Phipps Plaza.  Nope, it didn’t go well.  Just a note to those of you in the Atlanta Georgia area.  I don’t know if this is the norm, but the Santa crew at Phipps Plaza is not at all that kid friendly.  You may want to try elsewhere.

The second attempt was much better.  A big thank you to Santa’s Village crew at the Southlake Mall in Morrow, GA. All of you were very kind and helpful with trying to help Logan get a good photo with Santa. Your crew was the kindest, most helpful, patient and professional we have ever seen. Happy Holidays to you all!

It stuck me suddenly this morning though. What if Logan is doing what he is supposed to do when he starts to cry and throw a fit.

Consider this thought. As children begin to get older there are various things that we teach them. One of those ever important things is how to deal with strangers. We will tell them to not trust someone they don’t know, don’t go away with a stranger, don’t get the car of a stranger, etc….We will tell them that if there is someone you don’t know on your playground to stand and point at that person and say stranger.

We tell them these things to keep them safe.

So, why is is that at age, say two, we are surprised that they throw a small fit when we place them on the lap of this person they do not know that is wearing a bright alarming color, red and makes a deep chuckling sound when they see their little faces?

Did you ever wonder about that? Like I said, it never occurred to me until this morning. I think I should congratulate the little guy on a job well done then, eh?

Happy Friday Everyone!


Random Thought for Friday, November 14th, 2014: Winter Weather Happens in Winter, Really!?!

IMG_20140503_115522Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

Fall visited us again, the leaves changed color and people all over are sounding a bit silly, “We never see weather like this at this time of year”.

Really? Because, when I actually take the time to look at weather reports from over the past, say 100 years, I come to the conclusion that we have seen weather like this at this time of year during most years or on a 5, 10, 15 even 25 year cycle.

Why is it that people are so shocked when the cold winter weather comes? It is November now, early winter time and yet when it snows in the northern states, there are people who are genuinely stunned at the sight of snow and ice and cold winds.

Did I just fall through a hole in reality and land on the set of Short Attention Span Theater? Does no one remember last winter, you know, the coldest one on record…until you consult the records and see that it’s been the coldest one in 2 years…until you look back 10 years and find that it is close to normal. Heaven forbid you should peruse the records for the last century and see the cycle of every 25 years or so there is snow falling in Atlanta Georgia.

Winter is cold, November is cold for us in the Northern Hemisphere of the world. It is natural, it is the way it should be, it is why we have that lovely song White Christmas simply because it normally snows in December. Please oh please, don’t be shocked.

Sitting on the toilet and realize that you just crapped out 2 golden eggs, that is shocking. Upon examining said golden eggs to find they are plastic golden eggs filled with silver coins would be shocking.  Finding that those silver coins are actually little chocolates wrapped in silver foil is still, somewhat shocking.  Eating those chocolate coins and finding that they are in fact laxatives that laid your butt back on the toilet, that’s just a well planned out practical joke and the only shocking thing here is that you fell for the “golden plastic eggs in the toilet gag”.

Something even more shocking, seeing Frosty the Snowman standing on the surface of the sun, resplendently resistant to the intense heat, taking off his hat and scarf and letting loose his bladder in a perfect parabolic arc, the ultimate “golden arch” of the solar system and the related news coverage of McDonald’s announcing that “Golden Arches” will no longer be a marketing phrase that they will use.

That, that my friends is more shocking and worthy of awe and the “deer in the headlights” looks on your faces.

So please, for the love of snowballs, snowmen and sledding hills, do not be shocked that winter weather happens in the winter.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Random Thought for Friday, October 17, 2014: Taking care of your Tools…

IMG_20140503_115522Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

 This is a bit of a rant and I want to apologize up front.  I also want you to understand that this thought has nothing to do with any one recent incident, this is more of a pent up frustration that comes to a head every few years.

 So that you may understand what it is that I am talking about, we first must cover some background.  I work in Information Technology or more commonly known as IT.  My specializations lay within the realm of desktop support.  I’m the guy people go to to fix their computer.

And to my point here, I’m the guy people “eventually” go to when their computer is not working.

You see, there are a class of employees that simply don’t call into an IT helpdesk to report issues with their computer, printer, photocopier, fax, company-wide ERP system like SAP, etc…

These folks simply don’t pick up the phone and call.  They put it off and put it off until the issue they have encountered has grown into a full blown production level outage that stops things like customer orders that should have been shipped out a week ago.

It’s a simple concept people.  If you use a computer to do your job and the computer is not working correctly, you can’t do your job.

Don’t be that employee, report the problems when you encounter them, not 2 weeks later as your job is on the line because “you weren’t sure it should have been reported”.

Don’t make me get a “clue by four” and provide some “aggressive cranial motivation” to get you to pick up the freaking phone and call it in.

Whew!  Glad that’s out of my system!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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