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Random Thought for Friday, October 16, 2015: DROOLO YOLO, BABY! EXTREME CAMPER EDITION

IMG_20151011_101840Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

For those of you who do not remember or do not know, DROOLO, YOLO, BABY is what we yell when we see someone take up 2 or more parking spaces in a parking lot. It stands for Drive Over Obvious Lines Once, You Only Live Once.

This one we came across during our weekly shop and I have to tell ya, this one is glorious. Take a good look at the photo, 6, count them 6 parking spaces taken up.

Now, this normally wouldn’t be as bad if they were parked at the far side of the parking lot. People with trailers need to stop at stores to get stuff just like everyone else.  What you can’t see in the photo is the cluster of handicap parking spaces to the right.

Yup, this douchebag took up all this space right up next to the store. At least they didn’t actually block the handicap parking. Yeah, we have to find the good in all things….

Happy Friday Everyone!

Random Thought for Friday, September 5, 2014: Ford Pintos?

20140628_142947Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought.

What was the best thing since sliced bread?  If coming upon sliced bread was the best thing, it begs the question, what was the “most awesome of awesomes” before bread was sliced?  Unsliced bread?  The knife used to slice the bread?

I am sure that if you consult the “Book of Knowledge” AKA Google and/or Wikipedia, you will find a lot of answers to this question.  I found quite a few, some had really humorous musing to regale.

My real question is this.  How does a statement like this actually begin to become part of common vernacular?  Someone just says something one day and others think it’s cool and start to use it on a daily basis.  Think of things Internet memes like ‘LOL’, ‘Keep Calm and…’, or some of my favorites from my EVE Online days, ‘It will be dealt with’ and the infamous CCP trademarked phrase, “soon”.

That reminds me, YOLO DROOLO, BABY!.

Yup, came across another person helping to redefine and engage with overly creative parking concepts.  I apologize that I do now have a photo to share with you.  Just imagine in your mind someone using 4 parking spaces with one car.   If you put your mind to the task, I am sure that you can think of one car that would fit this image.  Take say a overly modified Chevy Metro.  If you think back over the years, I am sure that you can remember at least one you may have seen.  You know the one, with the spinners on three of the four wheels, sparkly metallic paint job  and the 5 foot high spoiler on the rear end.  Image that parked at the connecting point of 4 parking spaces and nicely posed so that traffic flowing on the aisles on both sides would get that showroom “awesomeness” look and feel they try to get at legitimate car shows as people pass by.

Its that look of a car parked with the flashiness in thinking that their overly modified piece of garbage is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  While I can appreciate the art of such a display, I would rather have seen that old Ford Pinto I saw in traffic from last week that had that flames paint job done in reverse.  You see, normally, a flame paint job usually has the flames painted on the front portion of the car and styled in such a fashion as to show them trailing down the side of the car as if being blown in the wind as the car travels down the road.

This Pinto had the flames coming from the rear end traveling forwards along the car.  If you don’t understand the joke, I should direct you to consult the “Book of Knowledge” and research Ford Pinto and no, it’s not referring to Pinto beans and the ungraceful potentials for farts.

You know, at one time, making jokes about Ford Pintos was the best thing since sliced bread.  Yup, it was a gas, gas, gas.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Random Thought for Friday, July 25th, 2014: YOLO DROOLO, Baby!

IMG_20140314_163238Welcome to Friday’s Random Thought

So, tell me this.  Do you take the time to do something right the first time or do you, as the driver of this car in the photo here,  just take a dose of FÜKATOL and show no consideration nor respect for your fellow human beings?

Actually, that’s not the case here.  I must apologize.  I’ve obviously missed the point of what they are doing in this photo.  I completly missed it and I must make amends for my error.

You see, this person is being very responsible.  As they pulled over the dividing line between these two parking spaces, they realized that they had driven over one of the yellow lines.  They had to stop as to continue would drive over that yellow line a second time.

Think about it.  If someone had just driven their car over you, would you want them to stop and keep the rear wheels from rolling over you?   I think that you might want them to be that considerate especially after you chest has been caved in and you can’t breathe enough to yell at them.

I mean, what did this poor yellow line to do anyone?  Heck, this person is just a symbol for society here, being all jacked up with responsibility.  Drive over a yellow dividing line and stop short from driving over it again.

We need a charity, a buzz line for these poor yellow lines and a complete media campaign.  “Drive Over Obvious Lines Once” or D.R.O.O.L.O.


Yeah, that ought to work, don’t you think?  Why not?  Protect these yellow lines and those who effortlessly drive over them.

Oh my, how could I have forgotten the pavement in these two parking spaces.  By parking in this manner, you also stop the pavement from needlessly being used and parked upon.  Why have two cars park in the space for two cars, let’s all just drive over one yellow line and take up more space than we could possibly need.  That should preserve the pavement and make the pavement activists very happy.  More open grey space for everyone!

We should be thankful for this driver, we really should.  I mean, after all, they didn’t drive all the way to the front of the store and press the “instant parking space” button on their dashboard.

You know about that button, don’t you?  What?  You didn’t learn in driver’s education that the button with the red triangle was for creating a parking space anywhere you wanted?

Yeah, it alerts other drivers of the hazard of possibly hitting your car as you are now parked outside of a legal parking space.  Hazard lights alert people to the fact that you are parked for your convenience while everyone else has to do that “legal parking” thing.  It’s a badge of honor, a shinning, blinking sign of utter awesomeness and elite status that you are better than everyone else.

Remember, being effortlessly stupid and lazy isn’t illegal nor socially unacceptable anymore, it’s become the norm.

So as you make you way today and for days to come and you encounter yet another “Douchebag Parker“, be sure to yell at them, “YOLO DROOLO, Baby!”

Happy Friday everyone!

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