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The Day

On this , the 13th anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001 I humbly offer this contributory note.


The Day


I will always remember this day.

The day I thought of how much I loved my family,

How I wanted to see them again, to hold then in my arms,

Kiss them and show them how much of a treasure they really are.

How the Sun rises and sets in my heart to see them each day,

I will always remember that bittersweet pain.


I will always remember the day I saw the plane hit,

The towers trembling,

The smoke billowing upwards,

The people running and screaming  in the streets.

I will always see in my mind the firefighters coming,

Looks of worry and duty in their eyes,

The pride I always felt as a child when they went to fight a fire,

To save a child from a burning building,

To fight the good fight, to save the day.


I will never forget the silence after the towers fell,

The clouds of dust rising,

The hope of seeing their faces rise above the rubble,

The wanting to hear their voices crying out that they were okay,

The hole in my heart when they were there no more.


I can never forget the site of crumbling concrete,

Where men and women in uniform are running out,

Where an Officer and a Gentleman stands with burned hands,

Where the halls of honor and duty stand in ruins,

The streets stop and people run to help, those in command.


I will always want to be there,

In my mind and in my spirit,

To be the hand that pulls the child,

The mother, the father, from the rubble,

The one who finds the officer, the Firefighter,

Alive under a shelter of steel and rock.


I will never forget the strength I saw,

The love I felt from everyone around me,

The open spirit people shared,

The absence of hatred for someone different.


I will always feel pride for all those on this world,

Who in one brief, shining moment, did not hate each other,

Did not care what the person next to them believed or what they looked like,

Who were united in anger, honor, pain and compassion,

Who wanted to make a difference in our lives.


I will always remember on this day,

To honor those who have fallen,

To cry out to the world that we will never forget,

That we will rebuild, that we will go on.

I will never forget that this was the day the world changed,

The day I truly understood pain, love, anger and compassion,

Honor, pride and justice.


This will always be to me

The Day.



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