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Today's Friday Humor…or not

This had better be from someone having their computer's clock incorrectly showing today is April first, because this just does not work.

Yeah, July 17, 2015, that's when I will schedule my quadruple root canal as it will be less painful than watching this film.

This story is not the joke. Alas, the humor can be found in the comments stream. My favorite so far:

Whoppers: Crap 🙁

Charles_Buttlicker: Heath Ledger

Glorious_Cause: Heath had acting chops. Bennifer doesn't.

Charles_Buttlicker: I guess you haven't seen Argo or the Town.

Glorious_Cause: I've seen em both and all I see is a giant talking dimple.

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Ben Affleck Is Batman for ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel
Warner Bros.’ untitled superhero pic is slated to hit theaters on July 17, 2015.

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