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Oh my, another blog?

Yup, I’ve finally decided to take this old domain and do something with it.  As to where things head, we shall see.

As some of you may know, I started spending most of my online time over on Google+ and I plan to remain active there with the very wonderful and thriving photography community.

Of course, I still have a photo print store if you should like to purchase some of my prints.  The link is above in the navigation bar.

This project shall be for other  things.  Things that are not photography directly.  Things that I’d like to explore within the realm of the written word.

Stories?  Perhaps snippets that I seem to come up with every now and again.

Random thoughts?  Yeah, I think some randomness every now and again can be interesting.

EVE Online blogging?  Well, no.  I retired from EVE Online years ago and I’m not going to play that game again.  If however you really want to read the old posts or the old episodes of The Bleeding Rose, you can head over to The Wandering Druid of Tranquility Archive as most of the content was preserved.  You won’t see any graphics and there are many broken links, but the crux of the writing is still there.

So, please forgive me while this place is in a state of flux as I’m still not sure how I want it to look but do feel free to come back and take a gander.


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