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Yup, more photos

I had a chance this week to visit the Davidson-Arabia Nature Preserve. It's a nice place to visit and a reasonable drive from both home and work, I do go there a lot. This time around, I've changed up how I am post processing my photos. I took the plunge and started using Adobe Lightroom 4. Granted, there are a number of decent apps for the generation 1 iPad, but to be honest, I don't think I'll be using them anymore for my regular work. Lightroom just made things so much easier, faster and to be honest, it's like I am shooting with a whole new camera.

Who would have thought that an old Olympus E-300 Volt 8 megapixel camera could take photos that look this good?

Below is one of the photos, here is the link to the whole album ( The new photos are of course, towards the end.


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